And my day finally arrived!! Having been involved with wildlife documentary productions for many many years and having produced many myself  for SABC television aswell as for Discovery Channel. I was always the one behind the camera or doing the sound, or in the case with Dr Ian player, responsible for the final mix of the video, that received the award for best movie of the year called. a Conservation Story. In that movie the life of Dr Ian player and the role he played in the conservation of the white and black Rhino and  his general contribution to conservation was portrayed.

Now I was attending a function where Dr Ian Player was the guest speaker. Giving a talk on the conservation of Rhino and what needs to be done to save them. My life had come full circle. To a point where I could talk to him on an equal footing about what he and I are doing to save rhinos. In the old days he would be chasing after Rhino on horseback or following them in an old 58 Ford truck to dart and relocate them. Now I was using modern technology and electronics in whict I had qualified in at the start of my career many many years ago and with that information and expertise, I was now in the position to contribute greatly in the conservation of white and black Rhino. By providing the means to monitor them via satellite or VHf directional finding equipment. I told him I was honoured to be in his presence and discuss the things he and I so dearly felt about,Conserving wildlife. It made me feel good to hear Dr Ian player respond by saying he to felt honoured to be my presence.
 May his knowledge and expertise keep the flame burning in the area of wildlife conservation for many many years to come. Thank you Dr player for what you have done and inspired me to do as a young boy, and that was to and try and follow in your footsteps.

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