Well I am glad to say, that the highlight of my life has now finally been reached. I have always had a passion for telecommunication and wildlife. Having been on Gough Island and working with satellite telemetry equipment and first experiencing the use of telemetry equipment on the island with Dr Martan Bester with his research on penguins and seals. I have always dreamed about producing my own range of telemetry equipment for wildlife. After three years of constantly testing and redesigning, I’ve finally managed to succeed in being able to produce a very successful VHF transmitter to be used for wildlife telemetry . It was with the help of a now very good friend in Holland by the name of Rob van Cann who managed to redesign the latest version of transmitter, that has been successfully fitted to specialised collars designed by me to be used with the monitoring of wild dogs or painted dogs in Mkuzi game reserve.

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