And now it is finally done, I’ve just completed the last of the first batch of GPS/GSM Rhino transmitters to be installed into a Rhino horns. It has been a long journey to work out exactly how and what to do. I’m glad to report that all systems are ready to go. Due to the security surrounding the poaching of Rhino I can unfortunately not say where they are going, but I think some poachers are in for a big shock when they are suddenly confronted by the police or antipoaching organisations.
Getting the unit the smallest possible was a major problem, and every ounce of extra weight needed to be shaved off. Now it is on the next project. This one I’m really looking for to, it is a GPS/GSM collar with VHF beacon transmitter to be fitted to a lion. New blood is being introduced into a game reserve and they need to monitor the  new females to see where they are going and hopefully not getting through the fences and feast on some unfortunate humans outside the fence parameter.

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