Reciever Base stations

The Animal Track-em Rhino management system was designed to enable the rhino owner to manage and monitor their investment in real time, 24 hours per day. The system has an alarm functionality that alerts the user as soon as the rhino shows any sign of abnormal behavior or ventures out of pre-set geographical borders. The system was also designed for research applications where the behavioral patterns of rhinos can be monitored. Data such as activity, location, velocity, direction of movement and temperature are stored and can be downloaded for these purposes. The system was designed to accommodate the private owner, wildlife institutes as well as research organizations The system consists of 2 parts.
The first part is the GPS RHINO MONITORING DEVICE. This device monitors the rhino and is in constant communication with a BASE STATION network. The second part as mentioned is the BASE STATION that is erected in the roaming area of the rhino. This station generates the coverage on which the GPS RHINO MONITORING DEVICE operates. The GPS RHINO MONITORING DEVICE sends all alarms, notifications and data through to the BASE STATION, which then distributes it to the user. The system coverage can be extended by a RELAY STATION. A RELAY STATION can be erected in another area and relays all data received from GPS RHINO MONITORING DEVICES to the BASE STATION for distribution to the user. Users will receive real time alarms by means of SMS and missed calls and all data are made available through a secure web interface. Alarms will include abnormal rhino activity (abnormal HIGH activity when chased or threatened and abnormal LOW activity when stationary for too long) or if the rhino moves into or out of a specified zone (breaking fence).

Product Description

There are verious options for recieving data from the collars:

Fixeed Solar Base Station....      R17 959.00 ex vat

Portable Base Station ..........    R17 950.00 ex vat

Car roof top Magnetic repeater down loader  ... R11 950.00 ex vat

Fixed solar Repeater  ....................R 11 9950.00 ex Vat

Alinco VHF Radio Tracking Reciever: R8 9950.00 ex Vat