Wild Dogs

The neck collar consists of the following:
A GPS records “fixes” depending on a preset schedule, this data is then transmitted via UHF technology to a base station that is in range. The base then transmits the stored information via GSM to the internet server to be displayed on a PC.
The collar will log a GPS point 3 times or 4 times per day of the location of the wild dog and additional info such as the activity of the wild dog. The activity and signal strength is transmitted to the base every 10 min. Hourly this info is downloaded onto the Internet Server. The collar is fully programmable from a remote control point and new monitoring instructions such as shorter intervals or longer intervals can be reprogrammed for the monitoring of the wild dog. The battery lifespan is about 24 months. The range of the UHF transmitter is +/- 5km to base station subject to terrain.

In addition to the GPS/ UHF facility there is also a VHF beacon transmitter on the collar, which will constantly send a pulse so that the wild dog can be monitored by means of a VHF receiver and antenna. The range of the VHF transmitter is 5 km, subject to terrain.

Subject to terrain it is advisable to add a bush repeater to the mix so as to ensure good coverage around the undulating terrain.

Product Description

VHF only: R4 995.00 ex Vat
UHF only: R9 850.00 ex Vat
VHF+UHF+GPS:R12 350.00 ex Vat
Satellite+GPS: R13 500.00 ex Vat (Data options extra)

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